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Exciting Things To Know!

Come Prepared

Be Aware

Bookings & Logistics


Guests should bring items they would take on a campout…

  • Bedding—sleeping bags/blankets & pillows

  • LIGHT = lantern/flashlight/headlamp

  • Any tools and cookware for outdoor cooking (camp stove provided inside the yurt)

  • Camp chairs to gather around the fire

  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor activities

  • Personal Toiletries (Sunscreen!)

  • Helpful = print out of directions and lock code

  • Daypack for outings

  • Ice

  • Food & Water--there is no drinkable water on site but there are large containers for water storage in the yurt and it can never hurt to bring more containers already full of water...just like it can never hurt to bring a roll of toilet paper either ;)


Our aim is to maintain the traditional yurt feel without modernizing too much.



There is a wood burning stove for heat and a propane camp stove for cooking. However, the real secret is that any meal cooked outside over an open fire in the fire pit always tastes 10x better, no explanation needed! 


There will be some odd and end cooking tools inside that yurt. These were added by us or some items may be left by friendly campers.


  • Bunk beds with foam mattresses

  • Camp Chef 2-burner cooking stove with propane.

  • Pots, pans, plates, bowls, mugs, utensils, & other cookware.

  • Cooler in which to stash your drinks & food.

  • Toilets in warm months: Flushing toilets located in an outbuilding yards away from the yurt

  • Toilets in winter months: exceptionally clean porta-potties very close to the yurts

  • Toilet Paper, soap/cleaning spray.

  • Fire extinguisher.

  • 5-gallon water jug

  • Wood burning stove inside the yurt, with plenty of firewood.

  • Outdoor fire pit


  • There is no plumbing or running water TO OR FROM the yurt. The toilets are located CLOSE TO the yurt but are separate.

  • There is no electricity or outlets to plug in anything, nor are there any generators.

  • Please use caution & good judgment when at the yurt & enjoy the solitude! You are 3 miles from Panguitch should any situation arise where medical help is needed


ROAD CONDITIONS: You are less than a ¼ mile off of Hwy 89. The dirt & gravel road leading to the yurt is accessible by any vehicle with any clearance. ***Please note*** that the end of July through August is monsoon season in Southern Utah. On occasion there is runoff from the river across the beginning of the drive. Cars can clear the water to drive up to the yurt property. The good news is that typically, within a couple hours after a storm is finished, the roads dry up enough to travel on them.

SMOKING: No smoking is allowed inside the yurt or in close proximity to the yurt or combustible vegetation. This includes vaping. This is in compliance with the regulations and guidelines of the Utah Fire Department and our insurance company.

SAFETY: Wildlife in the surrounding area is prevalent though your encounters are likely to be only with deer while driving and the potential for snakes while walking/hiking around. Please keep alert for deer and elk as you drive during the day and especially at night! During the summer months there is a chance you will see snakes. The appropriate response if they are not an imminent threat is to leave them alone and give them space. If they do not go away then a shovel is the best tool to relocate them or defend your ground--usually not necessary.

BOOKING: The person renting the yurt must be 18 or older. No groups of minors are allowed without a representative adult present for the duration of the booking. Total number of occupancy varies by yurt. May be able to accommodate up to 8 with inquiry.

RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for your own actions and the safety of those in your party or who join you while at the yurt site.

CHECK IN/CHECK OUT: Check in time is 5:00 PM and check out time is 11:00 AM unless prior arrangements have been made. We understand situations don't always go as planned, therefore we can be flexible with these times if communicated.

LINENS: You will need to bring your own sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, etc., to lay out on the mattresses provided. We are able to provide sleeping bags with a personal liner TO RENT for $7/person when requested. Pillows are not provided with the rental.

PETS: Pets are allowed on the premises.  But they are not allowed to be left in the yurt unattended.

FOOD: You will need to pack in your own food and beverages and pack out what you don’t consume. You will need to bring a camping stove or you are welcome to use the fire pit and cook over the fire. Please do not leave ANY food or liquid, packaged or perishable at the yurt site as this invites critters and disease into the yurt.

WATER: Our water source is provided from the water tanks in the bathhouse. We provide 5-gallon water jug inside the yurt for cooking and drinking purposes. There is no water hooked up to the yurt, however, we do provide a flushing toilet in a separate bathhouse.

ELECTRICITY & ELECTRONICS: There is no electricity (or outlets) in the yurt as it is a traditional yurt. However, there is cell phone reception at the yurt with most carriers though there is no internet and no TV is provided.

YURT ETIQUETTE: This simply means treating the living space as if it were your grandmother's house. If you use dishes, wash them, & put any trash in the trash bins, make sure the gas is turned off and extinguish any fire in the stove, etc. Respect the building and the location. There is a broom to do a simple quick sweep to get any remaining crumbs so as to further deter critters.

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