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​We are so so excited to have you experience one of our most favorite places on earth! Come experience camping at it's finest with some added creature comforts...a.k.a. Glamping! Allow yourself to hit the pause button and be rewarded with the brilliance of the Red Canyon country. What an amazing way to step into the world of Mother Nature at your own pace. Disconnecting from the technical world, allowing you to connect with your surroundings, each other, or within.

This part of the great state of Utah is home to textured red rock, blue skies, and numerous desert flora and fauna--not to mention all of the varied wildlife--making it an ideal spot for photographers. There is no light pollution making the night sky dazzling and unforgettable. Just moments away from incredible trails, the yurts are perfect for off the beaten path adventures and spectacular views of the majestic red rocks that make Bryce Canyon and Zion's National Park so famous.

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Ground breaking! Sharrisa & Jessica Jo watch as the sage brush is cleared!

We have had an adventure story of our own! We can't wait to share this space that fuels our adventurous spirits! What has brought you to us at this time on your journey? Are you hoping for some iconic pictures or just some time away? Do you love roughing it or staying close enough to civilization that you can go grab anything forgotten?

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Sign for the scenic highway 12 leading to Bryce Canyon

There is SO much to do and see in the area that there is definitely not time for it all! Hopefully this will give you a good place to get started in planning your personal adventure. Whether traveling with your family, friends, or furry side-kicks we have some tips for you to pay attention to!

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